Pool must-haves when building your backyard oasis

Summer is here and things are heating up! It’s time to make the most of the backyard space that has been buried in snow for the past few months. Once that summer heat begins rolling in, homeowners will typically begin the pool-opening process or begin looking to have one installed. So, you have this beautiful pool with tons of open space surrounding it — but what’s next? With these tips, you can create the dream oasis you, your partner, and surely your friends and family have been daydreaming of. From surround-sound speakers playing your favourite summer tunes to luscious greenery and landscaping, the options for creating your dream pool are endless.

My biggest recommendation is always to start with landscaping or deck work. This adds a clean finish around your pool and allows a space for your guests to sit back and relax. Once the area around the pool is complete, you can start looking to create entertainment zones; using things like landscaping, deck work, or furniture to break up your space is a great way to create a more luxurious feel. For instance, one area for a barbeque and dining set for your summer dinner parties, and another area for drinks and lounging throughout the day and night.

My go-to additions to any backyard retreat will always be lighting and/or water features. Daytime brings natural sunlight to enhance every corner of your space, it’s our job to illuminate the beauty at night. This starts with lighting throughout the backyard and inside the pool itself. Adding lighting to the fence posts or embedding pot lights in the landscaping are amazing ways to feature your work. It is also crucial for your guests to feel safe and always seen, lighting in the pool should be bright and seen from end to end. A cool way to add some light is using water features as your light source. Whether it be fountains, jets, bridges, waterfalls, etc. they are such fun ways to enhance your lighting while bringing more décor and elegance to your backyard.

To maximize the enjoyment of your pool and backyard oasis, it is a great idea to include some sort of entertainment area with things like a barbeque, refrigerator, and dining area; don’t forget the speaker system to enjoy your summertime tunes.

Pro tip: incorporating an outdoor changing space will not only provide privacy for you and your guests but also keep your home much cleaner.

This is the summer to build out your dream oasis and utilize the backyard that you live with. There are always ways to enhance or improve the look and functionality, so don’t be afraid to try out different decorations and combinations. There is always next summer for a new idea!

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Credit: Studio McGee

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