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Sarah began her love with paint, fabric and unwanted furniture in a spare bedroom. involving herself in upholstery and textiles. Given her background, she has an expertise in quality and craftsmanship, and with that maintains that same standard with the brand. Her love of interior design was forged at an early age and continued to grow throughout her life. She brings her timeless style and extensive knowledge to every product as well as a keen understanding of design and how to help her clients make the right decisions.

After graduating with a degree in marketing and continued on with my masters in project management, I realized that design has always been where my heart was. I changed careers and channeled my energy into remodeling our first home while documenting the results as well as taking on antique furniture and reviving them to their absolute best. To say that I love design would be an understatement. I don’t just love it, I live and breathe it every day, everywhere I go, and in everything I do! Essentially, I believe you should live in style and love your home! My goal is to help you make your home environment the best it can be.

“We have been fortunate to work and meet with amazing people!”