Built in Shelves

Do’s and Don’t Of Styling Your Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves are an amazing addition to any space, adding storage and reducing clutter while providing an elegant and clean look. The tricky part? Styling this new space! Here are some of my dos and don’ts when styling your shelves…

Do – Start with a plan

When styling or decorating shelves, it is important to go into the process with an idea of the aesthetic, theme, or style you are looking for. I find that this allows for a more structured but free-flowing process, as opposed to overbuying and overcrowding with no real goal or motive.

Don’t – Overcomplicate the process

It can be very easy to find yourself lost in a clutter of ideas and objects when decorating a space. Make sure that your environment is tidy, organized, and bright; in turn, this will allow you to think freely and let those artistic thoughts flow through!

Do – Add contrast and depth

I find contrast and depth to be the most important aspects of the process! A great way to increase visual interest is by adding different colours, shapes, and sizes to your shelves.  This will create a sense of depth that will project to the rest of your space. When keeping things too consistent, it can sometimes look very dull and monotone!

Don’t – Overwork your space

It is important to remember that sometimes empty space can be just as important as the decorations. Visually, we look for the perfect balance of décor and space, both aspects play a huge role in how the styling turns out! Don’t be afraid to let some space show.

Do – Use a similar aesthetic throughout

Of course, your personal items and decorations should be displayed, it’s your home! Just keep in mind you don’t want to make things overly symmetrical and repetitive or overuse similar items; it is important to keep some sense of aesthetic or styling to remain consistent and visually appealing!

Don’t – Forget your final edit!

After all, is said and done it is important to review the final product and make any changes that may stand out to you. When you are caught up in the styling process, it is easy to miss things; I always like to step back, take a deep breath, and allow myself to decompress before making my final edits.

Yes, styling your built-in shelves can look like a daunting and stressful task. With these dos and don’ts, I hope to make the process easier and more enjoyable. And of course, have your space come out looking beautiful!

Built in Shelves
Credit: Studio McGee

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