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Mix and Match Wood Tones!

When it comes to designing your space and developing a theme, using wood tones throughout can play a huge role. Of course, knowing what to do with these bold tones is the tricky part. The key to this is understanding the qualities of different tones and what they bring to a room. I wanted to share some of my tips for using these tones in your home!

Find your primary colour

Mixing tones has proven to be a design trick that not only works but compliments the theme of any space. But, if you don’t start with the base of a primary tone, things can start to feel overwhelming. If you already have hardwood flooring, this makes things easier, as this would be the tone to use. In any other instance, find that piece in your space that you can work off. This could be tables, shelves, wall units, etc. This will give you the opportunity to build around a central tone and take away some of the stress when designing!

Don’t be scared of variety

When adding pieces to compliment your room, it will be next to impossible to find the same tones you have used previously. Don’t be worried about one tone overpowering another, this is a much nicer look than having multiple pieces that “almost” match one another. When trying to use the same tone continuously, it can create a dry and dull feel to a space. Variety is the key!

Take advantage of undertones

Wood tones have basic warm or cool hints, which allows them to have similarities with colours you may not think of. Warm tones like orange, yellow, and brown, for instance, pair well with red-toned woods like cherry or mahogany. While your blues, greens, and grays go well with cooler woods like maple and ash. Once you have an understanding of these undertones, it can create new ideas for your space that you might not have thought of previously!

Layering your tones

Layering wood tones will have you using varying shades of similar wood tones to create a layered effect. For example, if you have a dominant oak dining table, consider complementing it with chairs in a lighter or darker shade of oak. This trick will add depth and matureness to your room while maintaining a cohesive look!

Quick tip, break your space up with colour

A great way to break up the tones in your space is by adding bigger items with pops of colour, such as a rug. This can give you the chance to have tones that may not work together normally, stand out and look cohesive.

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