At SHI, our goal is to offer a clear, client-centric, and transparent process with fixed fee proposals, ensuring that our clients have a clear roadmap for their project but also creating an environment of trust and collaboration. This approach enhances your overall experience, making the design-build process enjoyable and satisfying.


The Consultation

Initiating every project with a consultation is a valuable and essential step in the design process. It sets the foundation for a successful project and allows clients to get to know our expertise. This jumping off point will allow Sarah to provide a detailed proposal for the next phase of our process.


Design, Research & Presentation

Sarah develops a comprehensive design direction that encompasses architectural finishes, color schemes, and interior elements to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space. Our team will prepare detailed plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, 3D renderings as required by the design. offering an interactive presentation package that allows clients to see, touch, and feel the design, providing a sensory-rich experience that goes beyond traditional presentations.


Project Implementation & Installation

Ensuring all the moving parts come together is crucial for a successful renovation or decorating project. Our team of experts is skilled in managing the various aspects of a renovation or decorating project hands on and take care of every detail.