Decorating your outdoors for summer hosting!

Now that spring has arrived, you have probably started thinking of what to do with your outdoor space to be the best host you can be this summer. But it can be tricky to understand your space and make the most of it, that’s why I wanted to give you a few pointers for decorating your summer spot!

Take your time with furniture: Your space will be open and seamless

It is very easy to get over-excited during these warmer months! When decorating your space with furniture, overcrowding can happen quickly with so many summertime thoughts in your head. Here’s my tip: Allow the space to guide you. Take your time with decorating, things do not have to be done in one day; this will ultimately help with avoiding a cluttered space and leave room for everyone to enjoy!

Don’t be afraid of nature

I find it so important to incorporate natural decorations or elements into your outdoor space. Even something as simple as a flowerpot on the patio or a bird bath in the garden, there is something so beautiful and inviting when adding pieces that enhance the natural space around you. This will have your guests feeling at one with your creation!

Lighting up your space

Lighting is one of the most important factors when finishing any space let alone your outdoors. Although, outdoor lighting can be a bit trickier! It is important to remember the spacing and brightness of your lights; you want your space to be accessible but also appealing to look at! Consider adding pieces like lanterns or string lights to create a soft and welcoming environment, this helps your space remain bright and easy to navigate for guests.

Add decorations to fencing or outdoor walls

Your fence or outdoor wall should be viewed the same way you see indoors! We only have this space for a few months of the year, use it and enjoy it. Adding colours and textures will brighten up your space and add to your theme. This can also be a great way to decorate for parties and themes throughout your summer!

Make sure there is entertainment

Of course, you want everyone to have fun at your summer hideout! Including things like an outdoor bar or kitchen, music, games, etc. can change an experience for your guest. Be the best host you can be and add in some entertainment for your guests this summer.

Credit: Studio McGee